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"SPEAKING THE WORD OF LIFE."    Philippians 2 : 16

We present here in broad outline the things on which our faith is based. For full details, please download the doctrine of the Lubumbashi Christian Tabernacle on the home page.



We believe that JESUS-CHRIST is THE SON OF GOD. The divine fulness tabernacled in human flesh.



We believe in the trinity of the functions of the one God: FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT.



We believe that our SALVATION rests solely on the work of redemption fully accomplished, and on reconciliation with God through the death of CHRIST at the cross of Golgotha.



We believe that the CHURCH was inaugurated on the day of Pentecost, this church of Pentecost is the true and the model during all the dispensation of the Gentiles. We believe that the CHURCH IS BUILT ON THE FOUNDATION OF THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS, JESUS ​​CHRIST BEING THE ANGULAR STONE.



We believe that WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM is the prophet of Malachi 4: 5-6, the messenger of the Laodicean church of Revelation 3:14 and the seventh angel of Revelation 10: 7. We believe in the interpretation of the Bible in accordance with the Biblical Message of the end time which God has entrusted to his servant WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM. We also believe that there is a BIBLE ORDER OF THE CHURCH in which ministries are established for the edification of the Church and a DIVINE ORDER OF SALVATION in which comes what belongs to the Plan of Salvation.



We believe that THE SON OF MAN, IT IS JESUS ​​CHRIST. In our age the Son of Man has been revealed, now we await the second coming of Christ in a physical body and the resurrection of the dead in Christ in a glorified body before the abduction of the Bride.

Download our Doctrine.

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